POLL: New Cracker Flavor

When we launched our Kernza® Crackers last spring, we ran an A/B test with sifted vs. whole grain crackers. The results are here, and are fairly evenly split.

We also collected flavor requests, and they ranged pretty widely. Rosemary/Garlic was #1, and we really liked how it turned out in our first flavored cracker!

Time for another new flavor. We have 3 top requests, plus a suggested flavor from Director of R&D @joekaplan. Please vote!

New Cracker Flavor
  • Cacio e Pepe - parmesan, black pepper, olive oil
  • Black Pepper
  • Flax
  • Sugar Free

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I love the idea of a seed cracker I think flax would add a really nice layer to our crackers. However, I had to cast my vote for cacio e pepe. Its all the rage right now, and I have full confidence that Joe would knock that flavor out of the park!


Just want to say that the unflavored crackers in the October box were fantastic - nicely laminated and buttery. I’m looking forward to trying some seasoned varieties.


I agree – I enjoy the rosemary garlic crackers, but – the unflavored are my favorite so far!


@SuzieQ @LMKernza I’m right there with ya! I’m hoping this next cracker will be the new favorite!

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