POLL: New Cracker Flavor

When we launched our Kernza® Crackers last spring, we ran an A/B test with sifted vs. whole grain crackers. The results are here, and are fairly evenly split.

We also collected flavor requests, and they ranged pretty widely. Rosemary/Garlic was #1, and we really liked how it turned out in our first flavored cracker!

Time for another new flavor. We have 3 top requests, plus a suggested flavor from Director of R&D @joekaplan. Please vote!

New Cracker Flavor
  • Cacio e Pepe - parmesan, black pepper, olive oil
  • Black Pepper
  • Flax
  • Sugar Free

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I love the idea of a seed cracker I think flax would add a really nice layer to our crackers. However, I had to cast my vote for cacio e pepe. Its all the rage right now, and I have full confidence that Joe would knock that flavor out of the park!


Just want to say that the unflavored crackers in the October box were fantastic - nicely laminated and buttery. I’m looking forward to trying some seasoned varieties.


I agree – I enjoy the rosemary garlic crackers, but – the unflavored are my favorite so far!


@SuzieQ @LMKernza I’m right there with ya! I’m hoping this next cracker will be the new favorite!

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What do you think of the Cacio e Pepe crackers? Let us know in this forum post! Should we make these again? Make them after changes or improvements? Retire the flavor?

More cheese, more olive oil, more pepper? Less of some ingredients? Did they go well or not well with the sides you used?

Not bad, but I still love the original flavor best. Most versatile with toppings & delicious on their own. But do keep experimenting! It’s fun to try new things!

I really enjoy the crackers we get from our share. Kernza seems to be well suited for the flat, savory, cruncy goodness of a cracker. At home we call them KernZa KrackerZ.