Perennial Half Share

What will be included in the half shares? I don’t see a list like the full share has.

Hi @SamMazumder,

Here’s what we have planned for our October half share:

  • 1 bag of Perennial Savory Pilaf
  • 4 lbs of All Purpose Regenerative Flour (This is a bigger bag that we’re counting as 2 products)
  • 1 bag of Kernza Pasta
  • 1 bag of Kernza Crackers
  • 1 bag of Perennial Hot Cereal
  • 1 bag of Perennial Pancake mix


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Hey Christopher. I’ve turned into a Kernza baking fool and burned through my 4 lb bag of flour. Bread made with it makes amazing toast! Is there a way to purchase more?