Kernza® Crackers Results

As of May 12th, 282 people voted on our Kernza® crackers.

Here are the results!

Folks voted individually or in groups. I’ll share the totals first, and then break it out by individual vs. group. In a second post, I’ll share non numerical results.

Votes for Cracker A vs. Cracker B, before learning that Cracker B had 50% whole grain flour used:
Votes Pre Whole Grain Info

Votes after learning the difference:
Votes Post Whole Grain Info

Rankings of Cracker A (5 - Great, I would buy this | 1 - Bad, I wouldn’t buy this)
Cracker A Ratings

Rankings of Cracker B
Cracker B Ratings

Individuals and Groups voted differently. Here are the individual results:

Individual Votes Pre Whole Grain Info
Individual Votes Post Whole Grain Info
Individual - Cracker A Ranking (1)
Individual Ratings of B

Group Votes Pre Whole Grain Info
Group Votes Post Whole Grain Info
Group Ratings of A
Group Ratings of B

We asked a few additional questions, and are sharing themes we heard:

Any suggestions on how to improve this cracker?

  • A little bigger
  • A little more salt
  • A few people wanted a little less sugar
  • A few people wanted more Kernza®
  • Most loved them, and just wanted more of them!

Any versions of this cracker we should make?

  • Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Cheese
  • Keep them plain!

Some kind words we heard:

  • Keep it up!
  • Great work, love this process.
  • Keep pushing, good luck.
  • This was fun!
  • Thanks for doing all of this!

We were happy to see 94% of people wanting to participate in future taste tests. Thanks, folks! We really appreciate your help, and are excited to keep exploring where Kernza shines in our pantries and on our plates.

We’re actively pressing Camelina oil, testing Kernza tortillas, cooking Sainfoin beans, and have a few new tools to explore other forms of Kernza.

We’ll be sharing more information on these products soon!

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Excited to hear you’re working with camelina! :clap:t2:

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