Half Share POLL: November Box Preferences

Hi Half Share Members!

We’re wondering how much you liked the hot cereal and pilaf. Do you want them again? We’re gathering hot cereal feedback here and pilaf feedback here.

Here’s our plan for our November box:

  1. Tortillas A/B test
  2. Kernza Cornbread Mix
  3. Hazelnut Pancakes
  4. Pasta
  5. Crackers - New flavor
  6. ? Hot Cereal or Pilaf or Cracker
  7. ? Hot Cereal or Pilaf or Cracker

For this poll, we’re just wondering what a community consensus is for everyone’s 6th and 7th product:

November Box Half Share Poll
  • Hot Cereal & Pilaf
  • Hot Cereal & an additional bag of Crackers
  • Pilaf & an additional bag of Crackers

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I like having an extra bag of crackers – they’re easy to share/gift & spread the Kernza/Perennial word!

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Where’s the place to vote for the A/B tortillas?

Here it is: Kernza® Tortilla Taste Test Voting